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Dr. Lita Rawdin Singer
Dr. Lita Rawdin Singer
Licensed Clinical Psychologist
(Psy 12165)

Office Locations: (Gmaps)

Dr. Lita's new
Los Angeles Location:
23123 Ventura Blvd.
Suite 203
Woodland Hills, CA 91364
Tel: 818-324-6854

Santa Barbara Location:
2941 De La Vina
Santa Barbara, CA 93105
Tel: 805-965-7033


Workshops and Upcoming News

Watch this page for new events and happenings with Dr. Lita

Goddess Groups........
A group for women and girls to explore and find the goddess within. There will be exercises, and creative expressions used for this journey.

Teenage Groups......
A group for teenage girls and boys to learn how to communicate, how to decide what they want to attain, and the tools to get there.

Couple Groups.....
A group for couples to explore and understand about themselves and their relationships, we will use "Adam Was Trapped Eve Was Framed as our text. There will be experiential experiences and you will learn the tools to make it happen.