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Dr. Lita Rawdin Singer
Dr. Lita Rawdin Singer
Licensed Clinical Psychologist
(Psy 12165)

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Biofeedback and Neurofeedback
Treatment Center Professional Staff

Stephanie Dawn Singer, M.S. Marriage and Family Therapist Intern # 69285 Stephanie is a biofeedback and neurofeedback therapist specializing in applied psychophysiology. She specializes in mindful cognitive therapy for individuals, couples, families and children. She uses both neurofeedback and biofeedback as an adjunct for her clients.

She has been using biofeedback to treat anxiety, depression, attention deficits, stress-related issues, and other mind body symptoms such as migraines, tinnitus, temporomandibular joint dysfunction, and sleep disorders.

Her experience in China in 1985 allowed her to see their concept of preventive medicine focusing on treating the whole person to become and stay healthy.

Mind, body soul, and spirit is the core of her treatment approach.

Irit Bar Netzer, PSY.D., is a licensed clinical psychologist and has been working with children and their parents for the last twenty years. Dr. Bar Netzer has applied her compassion, empathy and skill in the area of teaching Parent and Child Development. Since 1980 Irit has developed and implemented three children programs in a residential drug treatment program and was Disability/Mental Health Coordinator for Options Head Start. What is unique about these programs is that Irit believes in approaching education and treatment from the child’s point of view.

She believes in fervently working with families to better understand their children and their needs environmental, psychological and physical. She is currently working for Children’s Hospital Los Angeles/UCEED as the Head Start Program Director.

She provides intake, assessment, treatment planning and crisis management with issues, which include stress, depression, anxiety, trauma ADD/ADHD, PTSD and substance abuse. She screens, assesses, uses testing to diagnose needs of each man, woman and child. She provides individual therapy to substance abusing men, and women in recovery centers. She also provides counseling services for prenatal, infant and preschool children and families.

She is a valued addition to our staff with her knowledge and experience in the field.

Lita Singer, Ph.D. is a licensed clinical psychologist, is clinical director of the Biofeedback Neurofeedback Training Center. She specializes in mindful cognitive therapy for individuals, couples and families and has been using biofeedback as an adjunct for three decades. Her professional background includes professor at California Graduate Institute for eighteen years and co-director of the School of Behavioral Medicine, Committee of Orals and Clinical Supervisor. She has been a reader and chairperson for over 100 doctoral dissertations and has presented papers to conferences and seminars promoting her work.

Dr. Singer has spent almost three decades in clinical practice with individuals couples and families. Her years of travel and exposure to a diversity of cultures, enables her to fully integrate western wisdom with eastern spiritual learning. It is this looking at the whole person, treating the physiological symptoms as well as the mental distress using a variety of modalities including biofeedback, and now neurofeedback that helps bring balance and health.